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Geomorphic and Environmental Data Collection
Hydrology and Hydrography
Stream Restoration Planning and Design

Tailwater is a small, family owned business founded in 2016 that specializes in water resources and stream restoration. We have over 30 years of combined experience working in water resources and restoration including restoration design, streamflow measurement, water rights, and watershed assessment. Tailwater provides a wide range of stream restoration and water resources services including:

  • Field Assessment
  • Historic Conditions Analysis
  • Data Processing and Synthesis
  • Watershed Assessment and Sampling Plans
  • Streamflow Record Evaluation
  • Synthetic Hydrograph Development
  • Rating Curve Development
  • Streamflow Measurement
  • Streamflow Gaging Station
  • Streamflow Records Computation
  • Diversion Structure Rating/Calibration
  • Design and Grading
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Plan Production
  • Site Evaluation
  • Design Parameters Recommendation
  • Monitoring
  • Custom Software Development
  • Autodesk Civil3D Add-Ins
  • Standalone Applications - Qt
  • Python Scripting
  • GIS Data Processing - Large Datasets

We have the in-house capabilities to perform geomorphic assessment with survey grade equipment and data processing. We provide detailed plan sets documenting the data collection effort including location of points, thalweg alignment, and location of cross-section. Pertinent points, such as benchmarks and cross-section pins, are labeled so that future data collection efforts may be easily tied to the monitoring effort. Data may be processed as shown below, provided in Microsoft Excel format, or a variety of other methods tailored to meet your project's needs.

Data collection and processing to make sense of all those numbers. The graphic below was compiled from a monitoring report page that Tailwater compiled to evaluate trends in a restoration reach. The data was formatted to allow the reader to quickly visualize the trends in both the cross-section and longitudinal profile that are observed within the table of geomorphic parameters. Utilizing this combined format it is possible to determine if the reader is in concurrence with the bankfull and inner berm evaluation to draw their own conclusions.

Streamflow measurement and hydrographic records provide the basis for design decisions and flood frequency analysis. Often measurements are simply fitted using regressions in Excel and typically this will provide large errors outside of the measured streamflow range. Using the right techniques the quality of these un-measured regions of the rating curve may be improved.

We are available to make discharge measurements at diversion structures to calibrate the reading and evaluate operation of the structure. We can check your flume to make sure the structure is properly installed and functioning to ensure that the recorded diversion matches the actual diversion. We can perform wading discharge measurements for development of rating curves or for verification of compliance if needed.

We have worked in a variety of basins and developed regressions with streamflow records showing average peak streamflow occurred on average earlier than historically observed and performed multivariate regression analysis to develop synthetic hydrographs for a variety of applications including defense of conditional water rights decrees and to improve understanding of water distribution within a basin.

We enjoy sharing our passion for water. We built the stream sled to introduce local elementary students to the study of Geomorphology and to spark discussion about hydrology.

We team with other small businesses to provide restoration services that meet your projects needs. In this way we develop a team that is specific to the project and can efficiently utilize specialized professionals to deliver restoration solutions.

For the Professional

Tailwater provides subcontracted services to many engineers, developers, and restoration designers. We can provide additional depth to your team with specialized skills in stream channel grading and plan production. If you need assistance with a project large or small, talk to us. We are able to mentor your professionals, so that you may add these skills to your company's portfolio.

Some of the ways we provide assistance include: design parameter recommendations (performance standards), stream corridor layout, channel design and surface grading, site evaluation, plan production, and alternatives analysis. After a project is complete we can provide monitoring.

Stream Tools

Stream Tools is a Civil3d plug-in used to create stream channel breaklines. The package is available on the Autodesk App Store at: Tailwater Autodesk App Store Coming Soon!

Help files for Stream Tools

Geomorphic Assessment Tools (GAT)

GAT is an open source point processing tool being developed to enable individuals and groups to project points to an alignment and develop hydraulic parameters that then may be used to inform the division making process. This software is provided as-is in the current state until an outside funding source may be identified.

Email applications@tailwaterlimited.com if you would like to receive notifications of updates or would like to provide feedback on GAT.

Example data analysis from GAT - Compared the change in average shear stress over cross-section and discharge. From this it was easy to demonstrate the change in valley width and the depositional zone within the assessment reach.

Other Tools

If you have an idea for applications we would love to sit down and go over an idea to see if it is possible to build a custom solution for you, or incorporate the idea within the other frameworks presented above.