Privacy Policy

1.  This Privacy Policy outlines the nature, purpose, use and sharing of any Personally Identifiable Information (PII”) collected via Tailwater Stream Tools for AutoCAD (the “App”) or other data collection function by Tailwater Limited (the “Company”). PII may include: your name, email, mailing and/or home address, phone numbers, or other information that identifies you personally.

2.  PII will only be collected from a purchaser of the App (the “User” or “you”) or any individual’s with access to the User’s computer.

3.  Any other data that is not statutorily PII may be protected to the extent PII is protected, however under no circumstances shall the definition of PII in these terms be read to be more expansive than provided by established law.

4.  Generally, PII is collected by voluntary submission by the User. By doing so, you are giving the Company permission to use the information for the purpose requested by the Company. Your decision not to provide certain information may result in the Company being unable to provide services or parts of the services.

5.  If you voluntarily provide PII, in any manner, the Company will use that information to help provide the information or service you have requested or to respond to you regarding errors or such other matters on which you request assistance.

6.  The information the Company may receive varies based on what you do when using the App and the method used to contact the Company, along with the information you volunteer when contacting the Company.

7.  When PII is requested, the reasons for collecting it and a description of the intended use of the information may be provided.

8.  Should you provide your email address, the Company may provide you with newsletters and other announcements as it becomes shareable or based upon your subscription preferences for such mailings.

9.  Email is not necessarily secure and it is suggested you do not send sensitive personal data such as bank account, credit card information, or other similar data to the Company by email.

10.         The Company automatically collects information about each visit for App management and security purposes only. Such information helps update the App. Such information may include: (i) the internet domain from which you access the App, (ii) the internet protocol address from which you access the App, (iii) the type of browser used, if one is used, (iv) the operating system used to access the website, (v) the date and time of access, ad (vi) log in information such as username.

11.         The automatically collected information is provided for our technical support and development team.

12.         Information that is not PII or PII stripped of identifying features may be provided to third parties to develop advertising or sponsorship relationships or other business development strategies.

13.         Any PII collected is secured to the best available standards reasonable for the Company behind protections such as firewalls, secure socket layer, encryption, password protections, and other reasonable precautions.

14.         Should the Company be hacked and your PII be stolen, the Company, pursuant to conscience, as generally outlined in these Terms, and the requirements of law, will notify you as soon as possible.

15.         All payments will be processed through a third-party processor and you shall agree to all terms and conditions, including any privacy policy, of such processor.

16.         Any information disclosed by the third-party processor to the Company will be categorized either as PII or other confidential data and protected pursuant to this Privacy Policy.

17.         You retain and own your own data, including permanently deleting your account for any reason at any point, information included in such deletion will not be recoverable.

18.         The Company will never sell the data. The Company may aggregate, anonymize or otherwise manipulate meta-data and preferences to provide statistics on reader preferences and behaviors to authors or advertisers.

19.         All information submitted to the Company shall be retained until (I) 2 years after an account has been closed or (II) for a period of time reasonable and in the discretion of the Company.

20.         Under California law, California residents who have an established business relationship with the Company are entitled to ask for a description on what categories of personal customer information the Company share with third parties for their direct marketing purposes. This description will identify the categories of information shared with and will include a list of the third parties with which it is shared, along with their names and addresses. If you are a California Resident else submit a request to the below identified email address.

21.         For the purposes of and within the meaning of the European General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), you retain and own your own data, including:

1.  The ability to create, edit, and delete your data at any time by request,

2.  The ability to archive data to be stored by the company for up to one year,

3.  Or to permanently delete your account for any reason at any point, such terminate deletion will not be recoverable.

22.         As the Company primarily does business within the United States, and does not seek sales in the European Union, and for the purposes of performing under the GDPR, please contact the Company with “Data Controller” or “Data Protection” in the subject.

23.         For any request or notice provided by law based on your residency, please indicate your residency and appropriate law in the subject line of an email sent to: