Upper Culebra Watershed Assessment,
Costilla County, CO (2021-2023)

Project Summary:

The Upper Culebra Watershed Assessment was a comprehensive assessment of the Culebra Watershed that looked at the conditions within the watershed. The assessment was to be completed in one year, but due to some funding timing and a pandemic ended up spanning two years. The assessment was completed with the creation of a 850+ page report documenting the findings within the basin, multiple mapped datasets, and numerous meetings to discuss the findings.

Project Location:

The Upper Culebra Watershed Assessment is located in the southern half of Costilla County, Colorado.

Final Assessment Report:

Assessment Final Report
Appendix List

Project Mentions:

Creek in Culebra Watershed
bank erosion in Culebra Watershed

Project Funders:

Project Budget Range:

$500,000 to $1,000,000

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