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Photograph of Andrea Tailacq with survey gear

Andrea Taillacq

Licensed Professional Engineer; CO, WY, UT, NM
M.S. Engineering Systems—Civil Specialty, CO School of Mines
B.S. Engineering—Mechanical Specialty

Andrea has over eighteen years of experience related to project management, hydrology, water resources, and water rights. After working for federal and state agencies and small and mid-sized consulting firms Andrea and Greg formed Tailwater Limited in July 2016. Andrea has extensive experience in the field collecting hydrographic data and compiling hydrographic and climatic data to evaluate trends to determine historic use, and evaluate changes resulting from change of water use. Andrea has performed over 1,000 streamflow measurements and reviewed thousands of discharge measurements performed by others for completeness and accuracy. Andrea has developed stage-discharge and index-velocity rating curves for realtime computation of streamflow. Andrea understands the legal processes in Colorado Water Court and Colorado Division of Water Resources and has provided the engineering documentation required for change of use applications and substitute water supply plans. Andrea has provided engineering analysis for application of change of water rights and evaluated engineering analysis performed by others in opposition of change of water rights in Colorado.

Photo of Greg Taillacq holding GPS

Greg Taillacq

Engineer in Training
M.S. Environmental Science and Engineering, CO School of Mines
B.A. Double Major Biology and Environmental Science, Western State College, CO

Greg has over thirteen years of experience related to fisheries, geomorphology, environmental assessment, and river restoration. After working for a large consulting firm for five years he joined Tailwater Limited as a co-owner. Greg is a FAA Part 107 certified drone operator. Greg has extensive experience in performing geomorphic assessment, he has performed surveys in over seven states on projects ranging from the smallest trickle up to the North Platte River. Greg has taken this field experience and applied this background to designing river systems using Natural Channel Design and developing engineering plan sets. Greg is versed in numerous techniques to collect geomorphic data including RTK GPS, total stations, ADCPs, laser and sight levels, and 3D scanners. He has been operating survey-grade instruments for over eight years in direct relationship to geomorphology and environmental assessment. He has developed data collection platforms to improve data collection efficiency and reduce post-processing time on large-scale impact evaluations. Greg uses a variety of Geographic Information Systems and AutoCAD to analyze data and produce deliverables ranging from detailed plan set production, watershed assessment reports, and presentation graphics. He has successfully completed permitting for projects and performed post-project compliance requirements for USACE permits as well as permitting for local agencies.

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